About US

At Traverse, we help organisations navigate digital transformation with confidence using location intelligence.


Our Founding

Traverse was founded by Sam Drummond as a natural progression of his time as an independent consultant.  Location intelligence was growing rapidly, with increasing adoption, yet implementation and support were immensely difficult.  In response to this, Sam launched Traverse to help organisations leveraging location intelligence for evidence-based decision making.

Sam Drummond - Founder

Sam Drummond - Founder

Standing on the shoulders of giants

After a glimpse of the demand, Traverse started growing with Jan Roggisch joining as CTO May 2016.  In early 2017 Traverse relocated to the BizDojo in Christchurch's Innovation Precinct.   

During this period, we saw an opportunity in the market to create a new brand of location intelligence solutions that reduced the expense, risk, complexity and vendor-lock typical of bespoke solutions. So we focussed our efforts exclusively on delivering solutions based on world-leading software platforms.  We believe that code is great, but only as a last resort.   Rather we glue platforms together using configuration and orchestration.  We call this standing on the shoulders of giants.

We are proud partners of both Esri (ArcGIS) and Safe Software LTD (FME).  For pretty much everything else, we use Microsoft (Azure and Office 365).

Leading the future

We believe that location intelligence is richer and more pervasive than ever. So we have focused our efforts on providing mapping and data integration.  Our efforts were recognised at the 2018 New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards as finalists in the Spatial Enablement Category.

The future of Location intelligence is exponential growth.  We believe this is based on:

  • Expanding data from smart technology

  • Emerging data exploration techniques

  • Affordable cloud computing

  • Immersive visualisation

Our mapping and integration packages delivery value and simplicity in an otherwise complex field.

By partnering with the growing team at Traverse, we will lead your organisation to full location-enablement. This means that you and your team having a confident understanding of how location impacts your organisation and solutions that deliver simple and captivating answers.