How we work

the Traverse process


How we partner with you

We know that location information has the power to transform and empower business decision making. Our partnership approach is based on an open, two-way conversation following the Traverse process to deliver user-friendly results for your business. We listen and learn about specific challenges and opportunities facing your business and sector.  Together we explore the limits of what is possible and practical.  Our team bring creative thinking with leading technical expertise creating the optimal solution for your business and budget.

We are committed to delivering quality solutions using reputable tools and partner products. These are building blocks that we are confident work brilliantly now and will be well supported into the future. We are convinced that this delivers the best result compared to the dubious promises of custom developed solutions. In our opinion this is a fancy way of saying unsupportable code that costs significantly more and ties your business to one company for maintenance.

The Traverse Process means working collaboratively, using trusted tools to deliver projects that work - on time, on budget, with no surprises.




A initiation and scoping session to understand the needs of the client and help the client understand the capability of Traverse. We know the more sharing of information we do up front the better the end result for the client. We gain an deep understanding of the challenge or opportunity for the client, learn about their business and front-foot any potential roadblocks to ensure the following steps run smoothly, on-time and on-budget. Traverse then create a recommendation on how to advance the project, or if it is worth proceeding at all - we only engage clients beyond this stage if we have confidence Traverse can deliver a great result for their business.

Solution Design


Here we create the detailed project design and implementation plan. Traverse researches all available data sources and matches technology options with data sets to create an elegant, powerful and user-friendly solution that clients have confidence in. This confirms the project, its deliverables, timeline and agreed budgets.



Traverse implements the agreed solution, on-time and on budget. For smaller projects this will be done in one stage, for larger projects with many variables or unknowns we break the implementation down into smaller iterations to incorporate testing and customer feedback. This approach gives the client confidence at each step of the implementation and allows adaption to challenges or adjustments along the way in a way that avoids significant sunk cost. 


Knowledge Transfer

Some clients prefer Traverse to continue to manage and operate the tools for them and we are happy to do this. For most clients the knowledge transfer phase is very important to unlocking the power of their new tools to enable confident decision making. The phase usually involves as-built documentation, training workshops, one-on-one training and can include on-going support as required.