Traverse maps the NZ ale trail to encourage craft beer tourism


When the Brewer’s Guild wanted to build an interactive map for beer enthusiasts to discover their new favourite brewery, they found their ideal partner in Traverse.  Our expertise in ArcGIS and our status as an ESRI partner meant we could devise a solution that delivered on their needs, using only the necessary components, making for an outcome that was both effective and affordable.

 The Brewer’s Guild is a best-practice industry association, whose goal is to increase the noise around New Zealand beers being sold locally and abroad.  Three major aspects of achieving this goal are promoting domestic beer tourism, increasing international beer tourism, and encouraging more brewers to come on board with the guild.  

 In the current tourism landscape beer is often seen as a subtopic of food and wine, and few operators in the industry see beer as a specific focus for tourist activities.  The Brewer’s Guild is looking to increase the focus on New Zealand’s growing craft beer industry as an attraction in its own right.

 Enter The NZ Ale Trail! This is the project we developed together - a map for both visitors to New Zealand and locals to plan beer-centred adventures around the country.  At a glance, a beer enthusiast can discover:

•       the location of the nearest Guild-member brewery

•       their opening hours

•       the kinds of beer they produce

•       the different experiences each brewery offers.

Tourists can also view images from each location, to get a feel for the character of each destination while planning their travel.

In practical terms this meant creating a map of the country, showing the location of each Brewer’s Guild member, which was then overlaid with data – some of which was captured with our CRM solution and some of which was updated by individual brewers.  Data from both sources could then be synced back to our CRM solution for review by administrators.

To make sure we had rich data from all participating brewers we designed and deployed a survey for each of them to fill out.  This meant that from its launch the site would contain information on the origin story of each brewer, their featured products, and what experiences were on offer at each location.

The finished product is an app available on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, where users can filter breweries by location, products, and experiences offered, enabling them to design their own custom version of the Ale Trail tailored to their specific interests. Sabrina Kunz from the Brewers Guild was enthusiastic about the flexible range of features available: “ we were able to customise icons for filleries, tours, pubs and breweries, and that makes it really intuitive for the customer to find their way around the map . . . I really love that feature!”

In the near future we are planning to add new features so brewers and administrators will be able to see at a glance how many people are looking at a particular brewery, where these views are coming from – whether locally or internationally - giving users a clearer idea of how people are using the app and where to focus digital advertising spend in the future. Sabrina found our team’s unique skillset valuable in creating the ideal solution - “...each one of their team members has their own style and flair, and they’ve been really committed to making sure that we find the best solution within our time, budget, and the type of product that we’re trying to create.”

 To help give them certainty around costs and a firm idea of ongoing support and enhancements, the Brewers Guild took advantage of our Mapping Package where you pay a regular monthly fee that spreading the cost of development and enhancements.  

To check out the NZ Ale Trail go here

If you’re interested in a package of your own you can sign up here.