Our partner of choice: Esri and their ArcGIS location analytics platform


Where’s the best place to open a wine bar?  What are the chances my house will be struck by a tornado?  Will I make it to work on time today?  These are just a few among thousands of questions you can ask and answer using Location Intelligence.  The widespread availability of big datasets and an explosion in the power of business and personal computers means that maps are now one of the most powerful ways to express and analyse challenges and opportunities for your business.

If you still think of a map as a piece of paper with street names written on it, or a voice on your phone telling you to turn left in 700 metres, it’s worth clicking on the links above to see the kinds of rich data that can be mined and displayed in map form using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Those maps were developed using a platform called ArcGIS, provided by one of our major partners, Esri.

We are driven by providing technology to enterprise customers.
— Jack Dangermond

Esri started life as a land consulting firm, founded by Jack and Laura Dangermond in 1969.  Since then it has grown into the world-leading provider of Location Intelligence software, in part thanks to ArcGIS.  This gives users the ability to combine geographical maps with rich data sources and powerful analytical tools, and integrate them with enterprise platforms like Saleforce.com, Microsoft Office or Sharepoint.  Where products like Google Maps are aimed directly at consumers, Esri are “driven by providing technology to enterprise customers”, according to Jack Dangermond.

Traverse CEO Sam Drummond says, “Location Intelligence can save you money and improve your ability to deliver to your customers.  What’s been great about working with Esri is that it enables us and our clients to get straight to work on the project at hand, without the risk and expense of developing in-house GIS capability.  ArcGIS online, Esri’s cloud-based offering, is a perfect tool for businesses of any size to experiment, rapidly deploy new solutions, and establish a return on investment, without the overheads of infrastructure or specialist staff.”


A Range of Powerful Location Intelligence Tools

At Traverse, we think of using Esri products as a way of standing on the shoulders of giants.  ArcGIS is a complete platform with a wealth of features and tools, designed to centrally catalogue your organisation’s geographical knowledge. Here are a few of our favourite ArcGIS tools, and the benefits we’ve seen by using them:


Community Maps & Living Atlas


The living atlas is an authoritative, global atlas sourced collaboratively by organisations around the world.  This worldwide collaboration can reduce the cost and time spent acquiring rich, accurate, open mapping data. 

If you look at the New Zealand region, you’ll find NIWA’s contribution – an authoritative NZ Bathymetry layer

For now, the NZ region’s map is still quite basic but the Living Atlas provides a central location where any number of organisations can add their own flourishes – meaning the potential for development is huge.


Open Data Portal


Setting up an Open Data Portal lets you extend your reach by sharing mapping content with customers, partners, and the public. 

Traverse worked with NZTA in developing their open portal – a place motorists can go to gather info about crashes, vehicle registrations, the road network and more. 

This technology helps the public access self-service, authoritative data from NZTA in a format designed for maximum usefulness.


Mobile Portal


With ArcGIS-powered mobile apps, you can save money by capturing your own mapping data at source. 

Working with Top Energy, Traverse authored an editable map in Collector for ArcGIS.  This meant Top Energy field operatives could verify and update information about their electric utility assets when they visit onsite.


Succeeding Together

Esri know that their clients will be successful when their business systems are fit for purpose, and enable them to meet their strategic goals. Their customer-centred approach, and the ability to gather data once and use it across any number of platforms mean Esri’s tools are currently used by over 350,000 organisations worldwide.  Your tools need to be available and perform fast, anywhere, and on any device – so ArcGIS was developed with resilience as a core value, from the software itself to the partner network.

As proud business partners of Esri, Traverse are members of Esri’s Partner Network – developed to ensure you can always have direct contact with a local distributor.  We’d love to talk to you about how location intelligence can help your business.

Sam Drummond