Waimakariri District Council: Utilising the ESRI ArcGIS Platform


The Challenge

Waimakariri District Council partner with their community in pursuit of a safe, high quality physical and social environment while fostering a healthy economy.  Since the 2010 Canterbury Earthquake the district has experienced unprecedented growth resulting in increased pressure on assets, facilities and services.  

As part of information services the GIS team is pursuing new ways to improve decision making and community engagement.


Our approach with WDC has been to transition the GIS team from being the do-ers to being enablers, providing staff, contractors and the public user-friendly access to tools and information previously only accessible to trained users.

Our ongoing service level agreement with WDC has allowed us to be highly responsive and agile.  In alignment with their needs and priorities, we have help them continue their business-as-usual processes while transitioning from an ad-hoc to a strategic delivery approach.  

Together with their GIS team, we have circulated the Traverse process in an ongoing and agile way across many small and medium scale projects leveraging their ArcGIS Platform.


The technology foundation of WDC's solution is their Esri ArcGIS Platform.  This is actively maintained and supported by Traverse and enables the GIS team to rapidly create and deploy solutions for field collection, information management, spatial analysis, executive decision making and community engagement.  Traverse has supported WDC to model data, automate processes, publish services, author content and configure reusable apps.

To maximise the value of this investment in technology and our support services the WDC geospatial team has shifted their focus to strategically enabling the business to self-service location information.  Together with the GIS team, Traverse has developed a strategy with an implementation roadmap, measurable objectives and milestones to:

  • Establish the GIS team as trusted advisors

  • Grow an organisation-wide understanding of location information

  • Enable the business to self-service location information

  • Proactively curate new content and tools to showcase capabilities

  • Open data to the public



For half the cost of a full time GIS administrator, Waimakariri District Council have been able to deliver a capability previously unimagined.  They have successfully improved user satisfaction, reduced business risk and decreasing administration costs by providing personalised access to configurable apps through a geospatial platform. 

The map is now a single-source of truth and a gateway for making confident and accurate decisions.  Users can see the latest land parcels, pipes, assets and licences on an interactive map, which integrate with other corporate systems such as TechnologyOne and TRIM.  

Together we have optimised efficiency and increased scalability.  Since late 2015, the GIS team released over 14 apps, targeting specific business processes at no additional cost based on reusable templates and data.  Field operations have also been streamlined through 4 mobile capture apps, reducing vehicle trips, reducing redundant effort duplicating information and increasing data accuracy. 

The same tools have been used externally to increase public engagement.  The GIS team have released 7 publically available apps since late 2015, which have had over 30,000 views in the past 12 months.  The Cemeteries App alone has had a 20% increase in visits over the past 12 months reducing calls to the customer services team.

Traverse is proud to assist Waimakariri District Council to better use location information to deliver the mission to provide the best of town and country for their residents.

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