Ideal for

Modelling location information

Geospatial Analysis

Author Maps

Apps and Dashboards

Orchestrating automated map data updates


Mapping Foundation

$2,950 NZD monthly

*with an annual commitment


Technical Advice

Regular data updates

Montly Reports

Online Training

Service Desk Support


Bring your mapping analytics to life with a custom designed mapping dashboard on any device 



Empower field staff with our field worker add-on

$995 month

Enrich your map with real time data updates add-on

$1,995 month


Enjoy the features and insights of a beautiful interactive map, leaving the development to us 



Do I need to sign-up for a year?

Yes.  By offering monthly payments, we are able to spread the true cost of the map package over the year.  In practice, there is a large volume of effort involved in initially setting up the mapping package and underlying software licenses that can only be purchased on an annual basis.

What happens once a year is up?

At the end of each year, you will have the option of signing on for an additional year. 

As part of the mapping package, we include regular meetings and site visits, so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to grow the value of your mapping package within your business beyond the initial implementation.  Here are just some of the capabilities that over time we can implement for you, depending on your business need.

What content is in your maps

This is the exciting part, the options for content endless.  Our mapping package includes options for including content from:

  • Esri's Authoritative Living Atlas

  • Beautiful context maps from Esri's community maps programme

  • Local and Central Government departments  

 However, it does not stop there.  Our maps can be extended to include content locked up in your own organisations from SaaS Platforms, API's, databases, spreadsheets, word documents, PDFs and CAD files. Additionally, if you still don’t have the content you need, we can help you find sources from commercial providers.

Is there a restriction on the content we want to use

Firstly, you are only allowed to use content that you are legally licensed to access.  However, we can help you understand the terms of use that you may be concerned about. 

Secondly, the mapping content needs to be compatible.  However, given our mapping package is compatible with over 400 formats, we doubt you will ever be restricted by compatibility.

How much content can I put in my map?

In theory, you can put an unlimited amount of content on your map.  In practice, this wouldn't be sensible.  Rather, we work closely to understand users need from the map and then we design the best solution. 

What options do you have available for real-time data updates?

Our basic mapping package includes scheduled updates on a nightly basis or less.  Our real-time data updates add-on includes options for updating data in real-time via:

  • Email receipt

  • Web-based triggers and webhooks

  • Internet-of-things (IoT) enabled devices

Are my maps available on smartphones without internet access

Yes, absolutely.  Our fieldworker add-on is specially designed to enable users without internet access in the field to use maps and also create content.  This is excellent for teams doing asset assessment or field inspections.